Membership Benefits
With a membership in one of our co-ops means you gain the ability to invest and receive dividends while also ensuring the host community sees direct benefits. Please see below the list of benefits:  
Community Benefits
  • Community Fund established for each project that receives a contract 
  • Stimulating the local economy during the construction and post construction phases of the project

  • Added tax revenue to the local municipality and school boards 
  • View Shed Fund. Every landowner within a 1 km radius of the project receives a payment from the project for the life of the contract 
Individuals Benefits
  • A 20 year FIT contract backed by the Ontario government 
  • Supplemental income 

  • A healthier environment through your support for clean, non-polluting renewable energy
  • A membership means one vote regardless of the amount invested

  • Project professionally managed by a team of industry experts 

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Who is RCPP?
Rural Community Power Producers Association is a group of like minded community power co-operatives and industry
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